Create an account with us and we will automatically add you to the loyalty program. For every 0.90 EUR of the purchases value, we will credit you 1 point to your loyalty account. You can use these points on your next purchase order in the ratio of 1:0.04 EUR (that means, we will reduce your item price by 0.04 EUR for each 1 point). For each rating that you provide us with, we will add an additional 1 point.

Complete conditions for earning and redeeming your loyalty points:

  • Points on the loyalty account can be earned only for orders of registered users
  • you will receive points immediately after payment and delivery of goods, in the ratio of 1 point for every 0.04 EUR of its value (the pcost of shipping and handeling is not included in the loyalty program)
  • the points earned can be redeemed within the next two years to cover goods up to a maximum of 60% of their value
  • if you use the option of returning the goods within 14 days, we will remove the points for these goods from your loyalty account
  • additional points can be earned for the star rating of the product you purchased at a rate of 1 point per rating

Customers who register on the TODY BIRD e-shop by December 10, 2019 will receive 50 points on the loyalty program for their registration. Points will be credited within 24 hours of registration.

This is a loyalty program to which no legal claim arises. TODY BIRD reserves the right to change or cancel the rules of providing the loyalty program. The customer will be notified by e-mail.