The hardest part of the whole shopping process is choosing the T-shirt that you like and the one that will good look on you, everything else is a breeze. Here are some tips for you:

first of all, we recommend creating an account with us (you will be able to order T-shirts in advance, you can rate our products and receive points in our loyalty program)


  1. choose the T-shirt that you like
  2. for each T-shirt in the description, there is a detailed sizing chart, please read it carefully - be careful, each type of T-shirt is a little different!
  3. choose your size and color and add it to the cart
  4. the cart keeps you informed about the total amount and also the amount that is missing in order to qualify for the free shipping and handling, and the size and color of each T-shirt that you have chosen
  5. if you have received a discount code from us (eg. for uploading your photos into our gallery), do not forget to apply it, the cart will be recalculated automatically and show you the resulting discount
  6. pressing the continue button will take you to the shipping options and payment methods detailed here
  7. the last step is to check and fill in the shipping and billing information (if you are a registered user, you will have this information pre-filled)
  8. after the terms and conditions have been agreed to, the order is sent


Your order confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address. You will receive further information by e-mail and SMS at the moment when we hand over the package to the carrier, who will inform you about the delivery date. If there is any problem on our side, we will definitely call you.

If you have any question to which even a detailed description will not answer, please call or write. As they say in our business, "Measure twice, cut once".

Contact us!