Share a photo and get 20% off

Share a photo and get 20% off

Share with us a photo of yourself wearing a TODY BIRD whirt, and get 20% off your next purchase. Just buy a shirt from our website, take a pircure of you wearing it. Send us the photo via our website.

TODY BIRD offers printed designer T-shirts. We work with a digital textile printing technology that ensure the most perfect resolution and color stability. We are a team made up of design and graphic enthusiasts. For us, a T-shirt is like a blank canvas that is waiting just for the right design. We look forward to each new design to be printed for the first time, and we look forward to give each one of these designs its own specific emotion and depth.

Creating a shirt for us is not and easy task. It takes a lot of time to find the optimal placement and size of the theme. So with the greatest of respect, we are proud to offer you what we like and therefore hope that you too will enjoy.

If you do decided to buy a T-shirt from us, THANK YOU. We would also apreciate anyr your feedback that you may provide and maybe even a photo of you wearint your new shirt somewhere where it makes you happy to be at. We will be happy to place it in our photo gallery. If the T-shirt does not meet your expectations, be sure to let us know, because feedback is important to us as well as is a satisfied customer.

We strongly believe that the fun atmosphere in which we created and produced our T-shirst, will pass on to our clients.
May they make you happy!

TOmas AnDY